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Interested in a commission?

Pet Portraits


Message me through the contact me page, Facebook, or Instagram letting me know what you're interested in!


We will go over details such as materials, size, and price. This may range from an ornament, bookmark, canvas painting, etc. and prices will vary accordingly.


Payment - I accept Venmo. @ulyanagoreart


Shipment/Delivery - There may be additional charges for shipping. Pieces larger than 18"x24" will not be shipped and must be picked up by you. XL commissions will not be accepted unless you live in or near northern Delaware.


Pricing - $10-$20 per sq ft

*If you are a non profit we can discuss a reduced price

I am passionate about giving back to the community and particularly animal welfare. If you are an animal shelter or another type of non profit organization I would be happy to donate my time and paint a mural at a reduced price or even for free (minus supply expenses) so please reach out!

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